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The FDA approval of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) in the treatment of low-risk (younger patients) is driving rapid market expansion. Today we have

The Right Opportunity
to introduce a potential functional cure in the treatment of Aortic Stenosis where hemodynamics are reverted to normal pre-disease status and sustained for the life of the patient.

With TAVR now being the treatment of choice for Aortic Stenosis patients, coupled with existing Transcatheter Heart Valves failing as early as five to eight years after implantation, then now is

The Right Time
for a solution that Works Better & Lasts Longer.

At Anteris we bring

The Right Technology
to patients requiring a replacement valve. DurAVR™ heart valves address both the acute need in terms of superior hemodynamic profile, as well as chronic needs in their ability to sustain that profile longer, over the lifetime of the patient.

The inspiration for our DurAVR™ heart valves* stemmed from multiple conversations with interventional cardiologists, who reiterated that valve durability and repeat replacements were posing a large risk to patient health.

The proven benefits of our ADAPT® tissue paired with the unique design of DurAVR™ our 3D single-piece aortic valve, answers the need to

potentially deliver a functional cure
in the treatment of Aortic Stenosis, and provides a much-needed solution to the challenges facing heart surgeons today.

Learn more about
The Right Technology
, visit now ,

At Anteris we are committed in delivering durable solutions through our Better Science & Better Design that help healthcare professionals create life-changing outcomes for patients.

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